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The online documentation of Cross Media Design Course 2011/2012 at the Institute of Design in Berlin.

On the side bar you’ll find access to the course Introduction and the team members. Phase 1 continued throughout the course and we employed a peer-to-peer research model cause it’s more fun to find together. During Phase 2, the course participants went through a process of developing their own creative tools to access design potential from within and in their everyday proximity. They first developed their individual pieces and then collaboratively produced a manual for everyone to access. In Phase 3, they utilized their fresh awareness and skills to dive into individual projects and either develop new ones or approach ongoing works from a new angle.


Dreammachines by Lamia

A very Berlin specific project.

Lamia mapped the history, location and potential of these popular and ancient automats. She has created a book and a blog: http://traummaschinen.tumblr.com/ to document her work.

For the Cross Media Lab she revisited these machines and designed personal interactions for the visitors appropriating its common use. She developed a series of micro games that are quickly accessible and easy to incorporate into this short term encounter. She tested her games with a first test crowd which is also trackable and celebrated on her blog!

MG is rounding up this semester with a continuous concern of his: How to get my room mate to see what I see and that it’s totally of. He’s been developing ideas for mechanics that would shift the perspective and routines of his friends. Humans being creatures of habits he would trick and train them into more sustainable living-routines. You got to have a good habit basis to move beyound.

He has approached his subjects from numerous angles. In his latest attempt he proposes a new interactive reality that would hopefully and finally get his room mate to shut the f*in door of that refrigerator.

Mia continued her creative collaboration with the young fashion label Liesenfeld that she initiated during Modus Operandi. She developed a visual language and produced a photo series, highlighting the accessories line of the label. This formed the basis of the design for the look book where Mia further explored its materiality and paid particular focus to  detail and the haptic experience. Too bad you can’t touch this! 

Break To Make by Susette

For her final project (interdisciplinary connected with other courses) Susette researched and designed a Public Transportation System as alternative to the monopoly of the Deutsche Bahn.

She found out that by breaking and the resulting friction between rail and train generates electricity that can be immediately fed back into the powering system of the train. So by moving and stopping frequently (and picking up a lot of smart commuters) the system becomes more and more self-sustainable. 

As part of the Cross Media Lab she designed an online game informing customers about this “break through” and playfully inviting them to interact and move around the technical features of the train to understand the cause and effect behind the scenes. This way she makes her train system transparent, responsible and somewhat participatory.

One of her poster designs for the new train + game

Hanging On by Vincent

Alka-Seltzer is based on ASS ( acetylsalicylic acid) an active agent also found in Apsirin. It reduced pain and is easy on the tummy. According to Vincent the ideal hangover companion.

Even though it is commonly used abroad it is mostly unknown on the German market. Convinced that this should change, Vincent dedicated his diploma to this remedy and called it the Anti-hangover drug.

Usually it is consumed by dissolving it in water.

For our lab he produced a few alternatives to bring it even closer to his ideal customer for the morning after, the twilight zone pushing our western consumer mentality to the tipping point.

Needless to say, it is 8 am on a Sunday in Berlin. Bon Appetite..

The 4 Senses Transformer

For his final project Hieu developed a mobile device for the blind - supporting and hopefully enriching their daily routines using latest technology that usually serves visual aesthetics.

To finish up our course he designed an experience that provided people with vision a non-visual experience. He basically eliminated one of our senses by his custom-made blindfold and asked volunteers to touch and feel items he had collected for his 4-Senses Transformer Experience.

Partly persiflage and partly sincere curiosity he disrupted our taken-for-granted attitude and provided us with the opportunity to see from another perspective. 

For visionaries who see beyond of what they see: He might include this device to his mobile gadget to expand the range of customers..

Iran Illustrated by Shirin

Shirin turned the last month at the cross media lab into a daily illustration routine, extracting news about the Iran and translating them into personal, hand-drawn visualizations. In the image above she mapped out the path from a Persian sheep to a Bratwurst in Nürnberg pointing out its social, political and cultural interconnectivity and the resulting consequences in case of a sheep export embargo…

The continuous reflection and production supported her personal style and way to look at facts and communicate them.

Repair Something. Vincent had mercy with his “kleinen grünen Kaktus” and fixed his posture.

When Vincent took Mr Monkey to IKEA…

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